New preprint:
Sparse quantum state preparation for strongly correlated systems.
We conducted QSP for complex molecular systems using various methods. Our simulations indicate that the recently developed Overlap-ADAPT-VQE algorithm offers the most advantageous performance for near-term applications. Computations up to 28 qubits were performed thanks to our in-house (multi)GPU-accelerated state-vector emulator on a single NVIDIA DGX-A100 !!!

Happy to see this one out! Ever wonder what we can do with a Rydberg atom array Quantum Processing Unit? Check out our new preprint: "Leveraging Analog with Neutral Atoms for Solvent Configuration Prediction in Drug Discovery". A collective effort involving Qubit Pharmaceuticals, Pasqal and our group.

🔥Hot off the press🔥
Our paper introducing the Overlap-ADAPT-VQE method to grow wave-functions by maximizing their overlap with any intermediate target wave-function is now online in Communications Physics. Sorry for the barren plateaus!!!😃
Shout out to the amazing César Feniou & Muhammad Hassan. Great interdisciplinary collaboration with Yvon Maday.

Good read although too pessimistic in my opinion. Not sure the conclusions will last long but we will see rapidly. "Evaluating the evidence for exponential quantum advantage in ground-state quantum chemistry"

Just published @JPhysChem A: Extension of the Trotterized Unitary Coupled Cluster to Triple Excitations. Quantum Chemistry & : introducing UCCSDT!!! Great work by @HaidarM54481494. Another nice collab. with MJ Rančić & Y. Maday.

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