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Join me today at the @nvidia . I will present some our group join efforts with @qubit_pharma to develop the HYPERION QC simulator: "How Short-Term Hybrid - can Accelerate " [S51584], Mar 22 3:00 PM CET

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🧐 Wondering how can impact on the near term?
🤩 Look no further! Don't miss Jean-Philip Piquemal (@jppiquem)'s talk at @nvidia on wednesday march 22nd 3:00 - 3:25PM CET!
👉 click here to register :

Just out @ WIRES Comp Mol Sci and : Open source variational quantum eigensolver extension of the quantum learning machine for quantum chemistry. Great work by M. Haidar & nice collab. with M. J. Rančić, Y. Maday

Good read: Reference-State Error Mitigation: A Strategy for High Accuracy Quantum Computation of Chemistry

3/ The Overlap-ADAPT-VQE can be used as a compression strategy for ADAPT but can also be initialized with accurate Selected-Configuration Interaction classical target wave-functions paving the way for chemically accurate simulations of larger systems.

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2/ By avoiding building the ansatz in the energy landscape strewn with local minima, the Overlap-ADAPT-VQE produces ultra-compact ansätze suitable for high-accuracy initializations of a new ADAPT procedure resulting in massive savings in circuit depth

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New : Overlap-ADAPT-VQE: Practical Quantum Chemistry on Quantum Computers via Overlap-Guided Compact Ansätze. Great work by ( & M. Hassan; nice theochem/maths interdiscipl. collab. with Y. Maday


New : Overlap-ADAPT-VQE: Practical Quantum Chemistry on Quantum Computers via Overlap-Guided Compact Ansätze. Great work by C. Feniou and M. Hassan; nice theochem/maths interdisciplinary collaboration with Y. Maday.

Finally out Calculating the ground-state energy of benzene under spatial deformations with noisy . This work with W. Sennane & M. Rančić aimed to estimate the feasibility of using the UCC ansatz on near-term devices.


We are very pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with to develop a world leading - platform to accelerate !🚀 We will benefit from NVIDIA's infrastructure together with and


Good read: Dual exponential coupled cluster theory: Unitary adaptation, implementation in the variational quantum eigensolver framework and pilot applications.

I did not introduce myself after setling up in . I am Professor of Chemistry at Sorbonne Université in Paris. Technically, I am a quantum chemist but I learned a while back ago that molecules do move over time...(incredible!). I am therefore interested in Multiscale Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Simulation. My group's research is performed in strong interdisciplinary interactions with Applied & .

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