Happy to see this one out! Ever wonder what we can do with a Rydberg atom array Quantum Processing Unit? Check out our new preprint: "Leveraging Analog with Neutral Atoms for Solvent Configuration Prediction in Drug Discovery". A collective effort involving Qubit Pharmaceuticals, Pasqal and our group. arxiv.org/abs/2309.12129

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Our paper introducing the Overlap-ADAPT-VQE method to grow wave-functions by maximizing their overlap with any intermediate target wave-function is now online in Communications Physics. Sorry for the barren plateaus!!!😃
Shout out to the amazing César Feniou & Muhammad Hassan. Great interdisciplinary collaboration with Yvon Maday.

Good read although too pessimistic in my opinion. Not sure the conclusions will last long but we will see rapidly. "Evaluating the evidence for exponential quantum advantage in ground-state quantum chemistry" nature.com/articles/s41467-023

Just published @JPhysChem A: Extension of the Trotterized Unitary Coupled Cluster to Triple Excitations. Quantum Chemistry & : introducing UCCSDT!!! Great work by @HaidarM54481494. Another nice collab. with MJ Rančić & Y. Maday. doi.org/10.1021/acs.jpca.3c017

Join me today at the @nvidia . I will present some our group join efforts with @qubit_pharma to develop the HYPERION QC simulator: "How Short-Term Hybrid - can Accelerate " [S51584], Mar 22 3:00 PM CET nvidia.com/gtc/session-catalog

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🧐 Wondering how can impact on the near term?
🤩 Look no further! Don't miss Jean-Philip Piquemal (@jppiquem)'s talk at @nvidia on wednesday march 22nd 3:00 - 3:25PM CET!
👉 click here to register : nvidia.com/gtc/session-catalog

Just out @ WIRES Comp Mol Sci and : Open source variational quantum eigensolver extension of the quantum learning machine for quantum chemistry. Great work by M. Haidar & nice collab. with M. J. Rančić, Y. Maday doi.org/10.1002/wcms.1664

Good read: Reference-State Error Mitigation: A Strategy for High Accuracy Quantum Computation of Chemistry doi.org/10.1021/acs.jctc.2c008

3/ The Overlap-ADAPT-VQE can be used as a compression strategy for ADAPT but can also be initialized with accurate Selected-Configuration Interaction classical target wave-functions paving the way for chemically accurate simulations of larger systems.

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2/ By avoiding building the ansatz in the energy landscape strewn with local minima, the Overlap-ADAPT-VQE produces ultra-compact ansätze suitable for high-accuracy initializations of a new ADAPT procedure resulting in massive savings in circuit depth

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New : Overlap-ADAPT-VQE: Practical Quantum Chemistry on Quantum Computers via Overlap-Guided Compact Ansätze. Great work by @ChemCesar@twitter.com (@qubit_pharma@twitter.com) & M. Hassan; nice theochem/maths interdiscipl. collab. with Y. Maday doi.org/10.48550/arXiv.2301.10

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New : Overlap-ADAPT-VQE: Practical Quantum Chemistry on Quantum Computers via Overlap-Guided Compact Ansätze. Great work by C. Feniou and M. Hassan; nice theochem/maths interdisciplinary collaboration with Y. Maday. doi.org/10.48550/arXiv.2301.10

Finally out @PhysRevA@twitter.com: Calculating the ground-state energy of benzene under spatial deformations with noisy . This work with W. Sennane & M. Rančić aimed to estimate the feasibility of using the UCC ansatz on near-term devices. doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevA.107.0

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We are very pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with @NVIDIA@twitter.com to develop a world leading - platform to accelerate !🚀 We will benefit from NVIDIA's infrastructure together with and blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2022/11/

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