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PRACE award is named after Ada Lovelace, who is often cited as the first programmer ⌨️
Prof. Marija Vranić was awarded for pioneering techniques for representing quantum effects in extreme plasmas, but is also active in improving the visibility of .



And this goes for all benchmarks; the Top500 should be a combination of HPL500, HPCG500, HPL-AI500, Graph500, I/O500 etc. not just HPL, and Green500 should be collective power efficiencies of such. The community needs to change as HPL500 and its Green become insignificant.


We have an open 2 years position for an engineer specialized in GPUs programming to work on Tinker-HP ( Position funded by our EMC2 ERC SYG project (

I did not introduce myself after setling up in . I am Professor of Chemistry at Sorbonne Université in Paris. Technically, I am a quantum chemist but I learned a while back ago that molecules do move over time...(incredible!). I am therefore interested in Multiscale Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Simulation. My group's research is performed in strong interdisciplinary interactions with Applied & .

RT’s quantum computer HELMI (“Pearl”) has been connected with the pan-European (“Snow”), hosted by

In a European first, this kind of hybrid service is now open for researchers


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