New : Greedy Gradient-free Adaptive Variational Quantum Algorithms on a Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum Computer.

2/4 we introduce a new class of “hardware-friendly” adaptive methods: the Greedy Gradient-free Adaptive-VQE (GGA-VQE) and provides the 1st implementation of an Adaptive-Variational Quantum Eigensolver (Adaptive-VQE) on a 25-qubit error mitigated quantum computer (IonQ Aria)

3/4 · We show a successful simulation of a 25-spin Ising model through an adaptive hybrid quantum/HPC method exhibiting a quantum complexity independent of the number of qubits & extensible to other physical model Hamiltonians. The approach is shown to provide high fidelities;

4/4 · We also show a 1st implementation of a resource-efficient Overlap-ADAPT-like approach (arXiv:2301.10196). The hybrid approach is shown to provide high fidelities. 2 approaches for the quantum estimation of overlaps are provided: SWAP-Test & the Compute-Uncompute method.

Huge work by César Feniou and great collaboration with Yvon Maday's group (LJLL@Sorbonne). Funded in part @ERC_Research (project EMC2). A big thank to Amazon Braket and to Qubit Pharmaceuticals for support.

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