Un lieu magnifique pour donner une présentation sur l’énergie et la prospective

This hits a very soft spot. There is no credit for maintaining packages in #openscience.

I maintain 11 #rstats packages, good for close to ~200K downloads. They are used in teaching, analysis, papers, by government agencies, you name it.

Credit, as in citations, hardly any. Pull requests, hardly any, feature requests and not reading the docs (too many).

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Looks like Germany’s federal institutions are going all in on Mastodon. Here’s the 5 highest federal courts announcing their press releases to appear on it from today.


Amis de la fonction publique d'État, si on vous pose la question...

En #France, les suites collaboratives #Microsoft #Office 365 et #Google #Workspace sont proscrites dans les services de l'État.

Les bases réglementaires :

→ Note de la CNIL (27/05/2021) : cnil.fr/fr/la-cnil-appelle-evo

→ Circulaire 6282-SG (05/07/2021) et note (15/09/2021) : acteurspublics.fr/upload/media

→ Ministre de l'Éducation Nationale, en réponse à une question écrite (2022) : questions.assemblee-nationale.

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To pick up on this recent article mastodon.social/@brembs/109904

What about creating a common digital infrastructure between EcoEvo societies?

Resources could be put together to provide important services through publicly owned and opensource solutions:
- Mastodon server (😉)
- gitlab server
- simple cloud services (docs and spreadsheets)
- website hosting (e.g. if related to education and outreach)
- etc.

@eseb @sse_evolution @officialSMBE @ASNAmNat @sfecologie @SystBiol


Each day new students, researchers and employees within the Dutch educational and research community can join Mastodon with their existing institutional account!

Not only lowering the threshold to explorer Mastodon but also supporting “group” accounts besides providing personal accounts!

Join social.edu.nl ! See how to register an account or see if your institution is already connected!


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🤩 Super nice!

SURF, the Dutch ICT provider for the #educational sector, now provides sector-wide authenticated access to #Mastodon at social.edu.nl ! 🥳 Everybody at #universities in the Netherlands can now easily join Mastodon using their existing university credentials.

Following @SylviaFysica fantastic suggestion, they adopted the awesome name @SLURF 🐘 😆


#WhatsApp decision is out. At first sight (it's again 112 pages) it seems the @DPCIreland@twitter.com finally gives the finger to the @EU_EDPB@twitter.com:


Using #vim is easy once you learn a few basic keybindings.

h and l - move left and right
j and k - move down and up
η and λ - move backwards and forwards through time
ξ and κ - translation through additional temporal dimension (if applicable)
ᚻ, ᛄ, ᚳ and ᛚ - moving left, down, up, and right through celestial spheres
𐤄 and 𐤋 - switch deity to pantheon member to left or right
𐤉 - supplicate to chosen deity
𐤊 - challenge chosen deity (dangerous)
:q - exit

Good morning!

In France, the open source software market will this year be EUR 5.9 billion. The country has some 64,000 employed working on integrating and developing open source.

Find this and more in this report commisisoned by France's CNLL, Numeum and Systematic Paris-Region:


Dutch Senate questions government about impact of #CyberResilienceAct on #OpenSource.

“Does the government recognise the importance of a healthy and active open source software community in Europe, both from the perspective of reducing dependence on software from outside Europe and from the perspective of digital innovation?”

“Is the government willing to provide as much clarity as possible about its practicability for the open source software community in implementing the regulation?”

Decentralisation is not enough: With many Twitter users moving to Mastodon, institutions should take responsibility and host their own Mastodon server, argue @vtraag@twitter.com, @jo_dudek@twitter.com, @EleoDag@twitter.com, @neesjanvaneck@twitter.com & @RodrigoCostas1@twitter.com. @cwtsleiden@twitter.com leidenmadtrics.nl/articles/tak

We argue that institutions should take responsibility for social media and host their own Mastodon servers. We believe this contributes to a healthy social media in three ways.

1. Contributes to verified, trusted, user accounts.
2. Contributes to the moderation of social media, adapted to our context.
3. Contributes to the sustainability of social media.

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We are proud to announce that today @cwts launched its own Mastodon server at social.cwts.nl. Only people affiliated with CWTS will be able to create an account. Together with @jo_dudek, @EleonoraDagiene, @neesjanvaneck and @rodrigocostas we explain why we think this is a good idea in this blogpost: leidenmadtrics.nl/articles/tak

How is society going to adapt to large language models that can generate massive amounts of correct-seeming garbage?

Lecture hall full of computer science students. Guest lecture by Marvin van Bekkum. He asked (like in our paper:) 'Using sensitive data to prevent discrimination by artificial intelligence: Does the GDPR need a new exception?'

Students unanimously vote NO. 'The risks are way too high when such data are collected' etc.


Le CNRS milite pour la licence Creative Commons by | NextInpact

« Dans le bras de fer entre chercheurs et éditeurs scientifiques, la direction du CNRS affiche sa volonté de ne plus céder les droits d'auteur de ses chercheurs et les pousse à utiliser la licence Creative Commons by (CC BY) pour tous leurs articles scientifiques. »


I welcome Elon Musk’s statements of intent to get Twitter 2.0 ready for the DSA.

I am pleased to hear that he has read it carefully and considers it as a sensible approach to implement on a worldwide basis.

But let’s also be clear that there is still huge work ahead, as Twitter will have to implement transparent user policies, significantly reinforce content moderation and protect freedom of speech, tackle disinformation with resolve, and limit targeted advertising.

Irish ‘Data Protection Commission announces decision in Facebook “Data Scraping” Inquiry.. imposing a fine of €265 million and a range of corrective measures.. this inquiry concerned questions of compliance with the GDPR obligation for Data Protection by Design and Default.’ dataprotection.ie/en/news-medi

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